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How much coffee to grind in advance?

Never grind more beans at one time than it takes to brew coffee immediately. Once the beans have been ground, the air will escape to the oils that give the aroma. As these oils evaporate, so does the aroma of the coffee. Ground coffee starts to lose its flavour almost immediately after grinding.

How to make coffee with a French press pot?

When making coffee with a press pot, the beans must be left to coarse while grinding. If the coffee is too finely ground, it can become bitter and difficult or even impossible to push to the bottom of the press pot. Below, you’ll learn how to use your press pot in a way you’ve probably never heard of before. Heat a cup of milk (skimmed milk works best) on the stove or in the microwave. Heat the milk until it’s just hot enough that you can’t put your finger in it. Don’t overheat the milk as it will boil. Next, pour the milk into a clean, empty squeezing jug and stir it up and down for a few minutes. The amount of milk will increase 3-4 times and this kind of skimmed milk is good to use for making capots and coffee lattes.

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How to make moka coffee?

Use a filter specifically designed for your filter basket. Bleached white paper filters are the most common, but brown paper filters are also available. Washable wire-mesh filters, which are also environmentally friendly, also work well.

How to make espresso coffee?

If you are buying a machine for your home, choose one that has a pump to pump water through the coffee. Don’t buy a steam-driven machine. A decent machine with a pump usually costs between €300 and €1100, but if you want to drink delicious espresso it’s well worth the investment. If you can only invest a limited amount of money in a coffee machine, we recommend buying a moka pot. For cappuccinos, you can make froth with a press pot (see tips on using a French press pot).

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